Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] Episode 12
Journey Goes On sub

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Aired 3 weeks ago
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u/AdSJB · 3 weeks ago
No-one gets to say that they were... Well, the beginner comment, on my watch. :)
u/Meben · 3 weeks ago
I was hoping they would lose that last bet and Aki just gets out safely normally without help. The way they did that final bet was far riskier than it had to be, if they split their 5000 into two 2500 stacks and gambled one at a time I'm pretty sure they have a better chance of winning (though from a story standpoint it doesn't have the same intensity as one big final bet)
u/Otakurashii · 3 weeks ago
Can anyone please explain the end ?
u/hankit12 · 3 weeks ago
rhis isnt the end right???
u/FuutarouUesugi · 3 weeks ago
Wait is this the end? Its say its bonus game so its bonus episode?
u/ManiacMaxo · 3 weeks ago
The gambling was the bonus game. Sadly this is the last episode
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