Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 94
A Heaping Helping! The Eating Contest! sub

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Aired 8 months ago
Updated October 20, 2019 · 23.2k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/JabSama · 8 months ago
i don't like cho cho
u/TheSupremeKing · 8 months ago
Choji's charming quality is his never ending will to not give up but you gotta love a food contest FREE FOOD :P
u/AaronB · 8 months ago
When are the fillers going to end, Jesus Christ
u/xykawaii · 8 months ago
Why cant they just release an episode for naruto and boruto having training or bonding, sasuke and sarada would be really nice too.
u/sushilmallik103 · 7 months ago
how long this holiday gng to continue
u/HugedJackedMan · 8 months ago
his redeeming quality is he's a real family man when thing come down to it
u/xXLONEWOLFXx · 1 month ago
Haha shes saying his redeeming quality is his di- imma just stop