Black Clover Episode 72
Saint Elmo's Fire sub

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Aired 7 months ago
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u/NotF2Bully 路 7 months ago
LOL Nero was peeking at the girls bath from up there xDD
u/banirakyarameru 路 7 months ago
"no! my heart belongs to sister, so I absolutely refuse to look!"
"uh... sure."
well, talking about loyalty here 馃槀
u/dude808 路 7 months ago
had to stay up until 2 in the morning to watch this :D
u/Woethebro 路 7 months ago
who was hyped up like me when asta used his demon flying mode
u/Devoclee 路 2 days ago
Me it was amazing
u/DarkLord 路 7 months ago
can't wait for the next Episode
u/DarkLord 路 7 months ago
can't wait for the next Episode
u/noah_g 路 7 months ago
Where's Aderes 馃馃??

u/dude808 路 7 months ago
that dude w/the mask is out of place lol
u/deadlywalrus 路 7 months ago
hes a black bull tho..
u/BlackPanda 路 7 months ago
Good ep, cant wait for elves ressurection arc to come omg its going to be non stop action beast mode x20 i cant wait
u/leogunner 路 7 months ago
To anyone who doesn't know Asta or where he comes from, that last comment sounds pretty bad out of context.
u/Throwthataimbot 路 6 months ago
In this episode of astas suicide
u/E13ctricShXck27 路 6 months ago
Man the comedy feels so forced
u/PotatoRa 路 4 months ago
Wtf Leopold, your sister is over there you fucking creep.
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